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Sex and Responsibility 2: Unwanted Pregnancy

Unwanted pregnancy is what it is – unwanted pregnancy. This occurs in every sexual intercourse whether within the bonds of matrimony or in the case of illicit, premarital or even rape sexual intercourse. Nobody wanted a pregnancy in this case. The perpetrators, culprits, rapists and aberrant actors involved in it wanted nothing like that.

Sex And Responsibility 4: Diseases

Perhaps the most negatively challenging responsibility of sexual intercourse is disease. Sexually transmitted diseases and infections are rampant these days. Strains of sexually transmitted diseases and infections that are drug resistant and incurable are emerging.

Five Grades of Sexual Interaction

With the evolution of self awareness in human beings, we have been conferred with the ability to voluntarily regulate our sexual activities. We are expected to act prudently and pragmatically but we often choose to act sentimentally and thus have a propensity towards indiscriminate sex. Human beings indulge in sexual activities to a varying extent. Depending upon nature and extent of sexual activities, sexual interaction are classified in to five grades namely, sex for money, sex for sex, impulsive sex, compulsive sex and post marital sex.

5 Tips For Improving The Female Orgasm

It’s perfectly natural for women to not reach orgasm every time they have sex or during intercourse. But if you aren’t enjoying sex as much as you’d like to, there are some things you can do. If you’d like to have better orgasms, these five tips can help you get started tonight!

Causes Of Unhappy Marriage Love Life

Unhappy sexual life is a complex interaction of various factors. It is important to identify these and prevent them from becoming a cause of unhappy sex life.

The Principles Behind Tantra Goddess Worship

Tantra sex is an act of worship – and while it involves both the tantra god and tantra goddess, the act of worship is primarily from the man to the woman. In an unaware way, society has always been aware of this fact. This is why it is the man who woos the woman and not the other way round. The wooing is an act of crude worship that is seen at most levels of the animal kingdom. However, in the corporeal realm, it has attained its most evolved form among human beings.

Is Premarital Sex Wrong?

Virginity is a virtue that will remain forever. The only reason your friends or colleagues want you to lose your virginity is because, they have lost theirs and so they are jealous of you.